How DO i become an offical member ?

Easy as ABC !

You just need to be a professional Yacht Charter broker/agency.
by now this community is as well open for all those serious fleet operators around.

As an official member, you will have access to our facebook forum for discussion between brokers, agencies and fleetoperators.
The longer-term objective of the B.C.A.A union is also to provide support in trying to find solutions if needed in between agencies & operators if any gets in any kind of trouble.

  • Please send us an e-mail = with your name, what Yacht Charter broker/agency/operator you represent and your position in the business.

  • Please also provide information in which country you are registred and will be presented next to your profile on our member or fleetoperator page.

  • Your website and e-mail

  • The profile photo is to be the same as your FB profile ... (the one in the circle)

  • It can only be ONE official member from each Yacht Charter Broker/agency. A second one is permitted to be in FB group and is listed below all official members. (from same agency of course)

  • For fleetoperators, we have not decided yet any ev. limitations.

contribution member (earlier named gold member)

The benefits of being a contribution member is ...
- You are a part of decisions of what we will do.
- You are able to be in the board or in a committe.
- You can vote.
- You will have access to our ev. stands at boatshows etc ...
- You will get help/support if in a conflict with an agency/operator.
- etc ...
to become a contribution member is just euro 50 per company.

"united we make the difference"