Our mission is to develop and maintain a fair yacht charter market for clients, agencies and boat owners or operators.

How we do this ?

We aim to work together and share our insider knowledge in order to recommend partner companies that do their job in a professional way.

With this in mind, our main objectives are:
1. To avoid co-operation with unprofessional owners, agencies or operators, who do not treat yacht charter clients fairly.
2. To avoid co-operation with owners, agencies or operators who do not honor agreed contracts or bookings.
3. To try to block unserious actors in this markert = those who not act in a proper way in beween.
4. To report working practicies of any rogue agents/operator who may be unprofessional or contribute to the bad name of yacht charter business as a whole.

Yes, agencies & fleetoperators can co-operate together !

For the last 15 years, yacht charter agencies from all over Europe have been able to travel together for one week, once or twice per year at different destinations in Croatia, Greece etc ....
The organisation varied each time, yet for the most part, all individuals or agents were unknown to each other on day 1.Up to 20 different agencies or persons were present each time and all were from different countries.
The result has been fantastic and it is on these tours we got the idea of this union.
In a combination together with fair fleetoperators we provide a safe market for all clients.